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tv   Chasing Asylum  Al Jazeera  April 27, 2019 9:00am-10:01am +03

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not. for years members of the national rifle association and others have criticized the u.n. arms trade treaty arguing it cedes u.s. sovereignty to a global body they believe that threatens the second amendment or the right to bear arms and shrine in the us constitution. we will never allow foreign her right. to trample on your second amendment freedom trumps latest announcement further entrenches his america first platform he's been in acting since taking office already withdrawing the united states from unesco the paris climate accord as well as the joint comprehensive plan of action to live in iran's nuclear program the president feels that the international system is biased against the united states and we don't believe it so therefore we shouldn't be bound by these treaties because they heard us more than other countries democratic members of congress are criticizing president trump's decision to withdraw from the treaty they accuse him
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of kowtow to america's powerful gun lobby putting lives at risk around the world kimberly health and al-jazeera the white house still ahead on the news it an update from the detention center in mexico where hundreds of my been staged a mass scape of night. warnings of widespread flooding after a powerful cycling hits man's mozambique among often he dies devastation. the rain is now pretty well scott is throughout southern china the satellite picture of eels so the day he picked up a certain number of shows this is a quote a good crescent was the tops being blurred direction because that's where the showers go. build in the west and tend to move east and we feed in the moisture
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from the south china sea so you start to see them develop in a fairly typical area the moment then drifts really east was off was east and south this is the picture we're trying to get to sunday running right up to the yanks united towards sichuan doos twenty three could be a went to in hong kong though probably dry will still feel humid it twenty eight degrees quite woman humid all this time in vietnam if you've been watching this enough moshe to give you some daily shout that that is the story of this part of southeast asia increasingly though it's been hot and dry recently in myanmar it's no less hot all the more humid with the potential for daily shots really from bangkok ne was of it these coast and all the way east has towards the southern philippines there's a mass of white here white shatov throughout malaysia and indonesia no particular concentration other think of the general trend is to take everything normal so if you've been dry recently dropped in bangkok you'd expect it's more likely to be wet
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as it is in singapore. whether sponsored by catalona. how have you changed since you were several. trucks from the lives of the children of a part of a twenty one years story reflecting a history of dramatic social and political change twenty eight south africa. zero. again you're watching al-jazeera manner of our top stories could security forces
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four to gun battle with suspects linked to the easter sunday attacks that happened after a raid on a property in town when i lease earlier found explosives at a house they believe is connected to the attack. several former ministers from sudan's ousted ruling party have been released from prison they were arrested in the wake of the fall of one of bashir discovered that the news is likely to add to the anger of protesters rallying outside army headquarters in khartoum. at least thirteen hundred mainly cuban migrants have staged the biggest mass escape in recent memory from a mexican detention center they fled on foot from the top center on the border with guatemala many had complained of overcrowding lack of food in filthy conditions it's the third time since october migrants at the center have rioted manner up all has war. we're at a migrant detention facility in southern mexico operated by the national institute
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for migration this is the scene where one thousand three hundred migrants predominantly cuban migrants managed to escape from this facility an unprecedented of events even though in the past there have been moments of protest and and borderline riots where migrants have complained about overcrowded news complained about the living conditions this is actually the largest migrant detention facility in all of latin america not only mexico and this was a facility designed for somewhere around one thousand migrants and we know that one thousand three hundred escaped last night so there is reason to believe that it was at twice its capacity now this is a situation that is certainly unprecedented for mexican authorities but it's almost emblematic of the problem that's going on in mexico with this influx of migrants not only from central america we've seen these flows of of migrants in caravans coming up from central america but now from other regions we know from cuba from haiti and even from parts of africa in the congo so this is something that the
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mexican government is having a very hard time they're struggling to find ways to cope with this and it's and it's certainly a point of embarrassment for the mexican government of the united states has ramped up its pressure on venezuela by imposing sanctions on the country's top diplomat from minutes to jorge was targeted as well as a venezuelan judge the u.s. treasury department says all of those american assets will be blocked a u.s. court has jailed a russian agent for eighteen months for conspiring to infiltrate the national rifle association prosecutors say thirty year old maria. attempted to influence the gun lobby group and sway the government's policies to favor moscow she'll be deported to russia after completing his sentence. human rights watch has criticised the un secretary general for neglecting to highlight the plight of muslim weakness in western china jan a trip to beijing and accused antonio of letting china off the hook on diplomatic
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editor james raiser for us the u.n. secretary general in beijing for a summit marking china's belt and road initiative an ambitious global network of infrastructure and trading projects all linked to china something that in itself is far from uncontroversial and tonio good terrorists did make a public speech in china but there was no mention of the we go community inching zhang a glaring omission according to human rights groups who claim as many as one million we get as could be being held in detention in an article for the washington post the executive director of human rights watch kenneth roth to tex a patent he writes could terrorists should show that he can fulfill the full scope of his responsibilities as un secretary general he's excessively quad diplomacy is selling short his position and the promise of the united nations the secretary general has only once publicly spoken about the we get issue this year and that was
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to decline to answer a question i know that there is a dialogue between the office of their commission human rights and the people's republic of china in that regard i am not in a position to give any details at the present moment probably fate would be talking about it i would make it more difficult for him to succeed china has considerable clout at the un as one of the five permanent members of the un security council is that why the secretary general is pulling his punches the secretary general has been anything but quiet on his defense of human rights globally i would refer you to a number of speeches he's delivered of the human rights. council in the way also that he has. really mainstream the rule of human rights in all of the un's work does he make a different calculation or speaking out on human rights issues that involve human rights abuses by permanent members no i don't think there is that calculation and
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his goal is to promote human rights he will do it differently at different times the u.n. says the secretary general brought up all the relevant issues when he was in beijing they say they'll give more details in the coming days i can tell you no one here is expecting that to include a full some denunciation of china's human rights record james zero at the united nations in algeria thousands of demonstrators were back on the streets for the tenth friday in a row they want all those associated with the old regime of president. to go he was signed earlier this month after pressure from the military police have been able to break up protests despite have been unable to break up protests despite the announcement of a presidential election in july so fucking up what we did all of that will be gone and they will be judged and the money of the properties will all go back to the people that's what we're looking for we don't want them just to lead we want to be
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judged so that's what we want to learn over. this corrupt system is playing a dangerous game my dear brothers algerian people we must remain united i swear to god if we separate because the prius is a originalism i swear the system will not only last for years but it will last for centuries and we will go back to marginalization corruption and the abuse of power . the interior minister of libya's u.n. recognize government says his forces will launch an offensive against walls within days tripoli has been the target of half starts fighters for more than two weeks now on friday the u.n. said rockets and mortar shells hit residential neighborhoods in the capital the international committee of the red cross said thirty nine thousand people have fled . now the ministry of interior had to assign a large force of coast guard to secure our coast and shores against the invading groups who were sent by the world half dot to invade us as it was said they want to
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stick to the way a refinery to destroy it and this is a terrorist act that is very similar to al qaida and eisel we will deal with strictness and force with anyone who may threaten our safety and security either in tripoli or any other city that supports the government. the aid group doctors without borders has released video of the raid on the. detention center in libya after queues of storming the facility south of tripoli on tuesday and beating migrants and refugees who are protesting the conditions there the least two people killed twenty. thousands of people have taken to the streets in the cities of tripoli and misrata to condemn the military offensive by forces loyal to haftar mahmud on the one hand is there. here in the main square in the libyan capital libyans have come out to condemn what they call the military aggression by have the
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forces on the capital tripoli also in other cities on the west of libya including the city of misrata libyans have taken to the streets to condemn the military escalation but this is the third friday in a row since the military escalation is started on april fourth the protesters here say that they are calling on the international community including the united nations and they reappear in union to put pressure on have to stop the military escalation on the southern outskirts of the libyan capital the protesters here today are also condemning targeting that is eventually areas especially after the u.n. or the kidneys the government accused half the forces of committing war crimes by authority thing the residential areas and killing innocent civilians including
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women and children the now denouncing what they call the military rule they say that have to want to impose the military rule in the west of the country here there are portraits of international leaders and the protesters here today are blaming these leaders for what they call supporting the military campaign led by the world the have to the protesters here today say that they will continue protesting here every friday until have those forces move back. in the east of the country the u.n. is warning that mozambique is in danger of widespread flooding as hurricane force winds give way to to wrench all rain cyclon kenneth tax cuts carol for winds but they are slowing now local media are reporting deaths in the single figures tens of thousands of homes were evacuated along the indian ocean coastline it is the first
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time in recent history mozambique has seen two cyclons in one season deborah is with the united nations world food program she says it will be a challenge to reach those who are most in need this is indeed the strongest site on that the country has seen in its history and we are very concerned because we are already. very worried about the situation the human in situation following the situation. from last month and now this new sights on is. taking you know another girl or are on the mozambique population so we are expecting six hundred millimeters of rain falls in the then coming days which is twice as much as though the rain that we have seen in the bay are. matthew carter is the communications coordinator for the international federation of the
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red cross he says there is widespread devastation. but in one district for example . local mozambique red cross volunteers on the ground say something like ninety seven houses to be destroyed the same as an urgent need for tents for food but water. nine districts in the northwest province of mozambique are without power so we're still taking what level of damages. but. yeah i mean that the first news the first occasion this isn't good for the area the forecast is for a long period of brame heavy rains over north america. you know what we what we worry about most is landslides is flooding in the short term and also all disease which we saw. that we saw cholera in bearer after the first cycle and so those are the immediate concerns we have. how relations between police and
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african-americans in the u.s. have flared again after new videos see emerging appearing to show officers using unnecessary force and again i got reports from miami. this was the day the family of curry jones had been waiting for him twenty sixteen to thirty one year old broke down on the side of the road when police officer newman rodger drove the wrong way put off from just meters from him the court was told roger didn't identify himself to corey jones and drew his weapon prosecutors say jones who was legally armed thought he was being carjacked and drew his own legally held firearm and run away rodger fired six shots killing the musician and youth mentor roger have never. managed jan. but the existence down to have. you know. he has not
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utter a word and week before roger was sentenced video emerged of to. what officers pepper spraying punching and slamming the head of fifteen year old deluca roll into the ground police accuse the teenager of taking an aggressive stance but both officers have since been placed on paid administrative assignments and charges against the fifteen year old have been dropped his mother says it should never have happened in the first place. but he. is. if that was me. it wouldn't give me a time or day or hour or two every police and brother would have been at my door and people i think the plaza protect my children heard. on thursday yet another video emerged showing a police officer slamming the teenage girl to the ground or benjamin crump says the conviction of newman rodger is a start but doesn't happen often enough it is a milestone for many black americans not only florida but all across the united
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states so we think the prosecutor's office we think the court for giving equal justice in recent years the shooting of unarmed black man has sparked outrage across the u.s. and videos like the one of the local role emerge on a regular basis trials in convictions of police officers a few and far between but there's a growing call for accountability and justice names of victims like michael brown twelve year old to may arise and eric garner often cited and civil rights activists don't want to see that list grow and gallacher al-jazeera miami florida. let's get a roundup of our top story sri lankan security forces fought a gun battle with suspects linked to the easter sunday attacks and happened on a raid on a property in camel i police earlier found explosives that i house they believe is
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connected to the attack they're searching for one hundred forty suspects now for now and this has more from colombia. security authorities basically having a read conducted in signed a mother to do in calmly in the eastern flank of a three and fifty kilometers from the capital colombo where there was an explosion when they came upon a certain group they were closing in on there was a gun battle that ensured where hearing from the police spokespersons of is that this explosion and shootout didn't seal for a certain amount of time several former ministers from sudan's ousted ruling party have been released from prison they were arrested in the wake of the fall of ahmad bashir is government news is likely to add to the anger protesters rallying outside army headquarters in khartoum. the interior minister of libya's u.n. recognize government says his forces will launch an offensive against wall or.
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within days tripoli has been the target of hostiles fighters for more than two weeks now on friday the u.n. said rockets and mortar shells hit residential neighborhoods in the capital the international community committee of the red cross said thirty nine thousand people have fled. the un's warning that mozambique is in danger of widespread flooding as hurricane force winds give way to rancho rain cycle and can of packed category four winds but they are slowing now tens of thousands of homes were evacuated along the indian ocean coastline. a u.s. court has jailed a russian agent for eighteen months for conspiring to infantile infiltrate the national rifle association the gun lobby group prosecutors say thirty year old marina attempted to influence american conservatives and sway the government's policies to favor moscow should be deported to russia after completing her sentence
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those are the headlines inside stories next. tax cuts and promises of reforms president emanuel macron followers to transform france is his response to months of yellow vests protests and nothing to stop the riots this is inside story. hello and welcome to the program i'm adrian finnegan they are the results of the so-called great debate after months of hearing complaints from the length and
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breadth of france emanuel mccraw has told t.v. viewers that he's listening to the cries for change he's responded to the biggest challenge to his presidency by offering some concessions to the best protesters they've brought paris and other cities to a standstill every saturday for months now demanding cuts to the cost of living across proposing lower taxes for some pensions reform stopping the closure of schools and hospitals and making it easier to hold a referendum on vital issues there are other proposals too but are they enough to stop the riots and revolt against his ideas for the future of france we'll get to that soon with our guests but first here's al-jazeera is natasha in paris. at his first presidential press conference on domestic affairs emanuel mark all said he'd listen to people's grievances over social inequality and the french political system in response he offered a raft of new policies including a reduction of m.p.'s and income tax cuts for workers let me you're going to fuel
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the best way to address the needs of fiscal justice is not to increase the taxes of dispersal of that person no it's rather to lower taxes for the greatest number of our fellow citizens in particular for those clothes and part of the middle class is also touched on personal matters saying he regretted some people considered him our current. i've given the impression of always giving a lot of being tough and at times unfair this i regret because it's not why i am and it's not helped our cause. macro's new policies were based on the findings of the great debate an initiative he launched in january to give people a chance to discuss their concerns at a town hall meetings and online an attempt by the president to end months of yellow vestry protests if the cost of living in the state of politics emanuel not all hope that his speech in new policies will convince french people that he's heard their
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concerns over the social inequality and he's trying to help he knows that if he fails to persuade them his credibility his popularity i does a policy to continue with his reforms will suffer. in paris yellow vests supporters gathered after the president's speech and said did not give up their battle the sort of my reaction to he says speech is one ward resign when a government does not answer to people it is necessary to hold elections again who will continue your demonstrations to convince mr mccracken to this of these government the real test the macro will be how the wider public will regard his new policies and whether he's managed to bury his reputation as a president who favors the rich this it'll doubt that the timing is vital halfway through his presidential term and just one month until the european elections he urgently needs to rebuild trust natasha butler al-jazeera paris.
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let's bring in our guests for today joining us from paris chief foreign correspondent at le figaro from london charles let's field european affairs analyst at the eurasia group and on skype from san malo or head of european research of the global policy institute but welcome to inside story if we could begin with you has president bush said and done enough to put an end to the yellow this protests i don't think. actually. is of course a tiny minority. but they're really in a they want to remove from power they just don't have. sent. it's more they have some kind of. hatred for him though
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i don't think personally his men that should be heated you couldn't agree or disagree with him but this is the way the yellow vests think and. you will still have some kind of protest i think against him because as a matter of fact we have to consider that. he has lost a lot of the clout that he had after is the election in two thousand and seventeen if you if you like people much more desire pointed with reagan mccourt today that of course they were days of action is two thousand and seventeen chance which field in london twenty extent then is it not the policies but the man that is the problem here it's true that the yellow vest protesters who have been protesting until now the sort of hardcore the remaining hardcore won't be satisfied by the policies yesterday and. they obviously
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dislike macro but i think anything he could have said any poland or for that reason any policy could have come up with wouldn't really have been enough but that wasn't necessarily the goal of yesterday's appearance and i think he was really unsettled by the support for the other vets movement at the very beginning in december some really rather scary polls for him showing seventy five percent eighty percent of the french agreeing that's receded quite substantially and i think the whole goal of yesterday was to start a new phase in his presidency where he can talk to those who no longer agree with you might have had some sympathy at the beginning but no longer do and as far as that's concerned the policies he announced yesterday might be somewhat successful we can discuss it ok ron on the same question to you to what extent is it not the policies but but the man that is the problem here. a very large extent indeed.
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yes you know of us have already announced they would keep keep but they have protested already called protest vote tomorrow in paris and you know the towns in france they're pretty sure it is a shrinking number of demonstrators and michael was not addressing the you know best even though you mentioned them early in his intervention but to actually make a difference between do claims of the you know vest he claims which he agreed were actually funded were right and they were right to complain and the vent and medium set of that yet note some of the programs that now he was ready to tackle them and he already announced some measures in december we satisfied what they're up of first yesterday and so on on some reforms which we said these five pension or element of do you know. we're going to buy a real risk index seat pension so. it was said earlier
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was the factory to come to have you know that what remains of the you know as down is a was two appeared to appoint a section to. electorate twenty five percent rooted for him and to some of the people on the center right attracted by support he seized and in that sense you could say that it's been reasonably successful to just size yesterday because you see that popular is the aberrant the according to the polls of today he's managed to convince thirty seven percent of the french which is quite an achievement because to actually charm city twenty seven doesn't run is quite a undertaking and so is the demand result when you figure that he spoke you know generating was just of over twenty five percent before his intervention run a year out in paris was this the speech of the leader does he have an air of presidential authority about him is that mayor culpa wasn't that when he said that
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he could have adopted a different tone and style of leadership in the first two years of his presidency was this speech made with an i do you think on reelection in twenty twenty. i don't think sure i think it's a bit too early but we have to remember that sixty maybe thirty seven percent of the french were convenes but there's another figure which i think it's more which is the more important is that sixty three percent and of. the people who listen to the president were not convinced though it really made a lot of efforts to try to you know to get everybody with him. so. this is not a success this is not a filler either he show that he was a compared to and man it was hard working but maybe it was more a minister's speech than
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a president it was very technical he looked like it was long it was old big block boring bland you could say and and he went into details that are actually the responsibility of the prime minister and the government and not of a president the president in char in france is in charge of the real big decisions if you like diplomacy war or peace and the great you know constitutional constitutional changes and sob but the. president is not in charge of the deed today social policy of the government. and there is an article in the constitution's that it is the government that debtor minds and leads and conducts the policy of the nation so i think that. core looked
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a little bit too much as a technocrat and not as a president in the sense of you can see that you know. the gauls lost ball be due or falls were meteo and bloodied really the president of france johnson is fair what do you make of that it was more of a minister's speech than than than a presidential one sixty three percent of the electorate still not convinced to what extent is all of this little too late. too little too late for french voters i tend to disagree with the previous panelists and perhaps a great degree of it more. tell me where it's evidently the case that the president spoke about sort of more technical measures and didn't look like a de golyer a mr on but in twenty nineteen i'm not sure if that's really the expectations the french have in fact macro at the beginning of his presidency spent an awful lot of time trying to come across as a jew patisserie and president a sort of god like figure and it came across really it's rather in written rather
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strange strange fashion i say for such a young man to behave like a greek god or a roman god. so this is beyond as he's trying to open the second act of his presidency i think it is understandable that he's trying to talk a bit more concretely about what he can do for the french and i'd also say that police policy in france has accelerated since two thousand and two in that there's been. sort of saying that the elections for presidents and for parliaments have been synchronized and therefore presidents have become more responsible for the actions of individual governments you don't have this kind of removed figure of a president the president is expected to be involved in day to day politics that may be incoherent with the original spirit of the fifth republic but that's the reality we have and so the reason i disagree i suppose is that tried a different tack which may or may not work time will tell but he came across as perhaps a bit less regal or divine his desk wasn't sort of gilded but actually white and
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quite sort of minimalist and he talked about real issues so time will tell whether it works what you make of that. yeah it will be charged too because actually east to himself yesterday that some of the measures he was indicating that he was proposing such as going to some that is asian do kind of. taxes which can be cut to the kind of public spending which can be cut will be decided by the gov and he gives directions that as he's wrote it's up to the government as the constitution stipulates to enact these pretty see so is rolle yesterday i think was quite right to give some direction and effort he gave the sense of direction basically that he hasn't change direction every challenge he stop and michael cannot be defined other the nation like to gore was all a. given she and i could be at some point because of his age anyway and because of
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is approach is actually made the point that he's big on earning curve so it's a bit quite an exhibition of a certain modest texas station in the last two years or some really nice not quite fit because actually because of his life he was removed from many people and to come on people's program is look in the last two years that maybe the measures he had who took his top down approach the debate don't approach charter say the idea is not suited to and friends want people who understand then the debate. for that to happen he wants to show that is recent he's already made some consideration we should go towards the demands of the faith based on a do we do specific ever fix he wants to involve that but the government has a role to play but there are so more the citizens are still going to live all alone
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or mayors so he wants to promote a top down governance as it was before. and let's see where that can work run a changing tack slightly here what is it that the french want the people they say they want lower taxes employment opportunities reforms better public services fewer decisions made by the elite in paris but many are unwilling it seems to accept longer working hours or higher retirement age less social security is what the french want pretty much like briggs it is in the u.k. want i suppose undeliverable ultimately whoever is in power is that thing that you know it's how do you do politics in western democracy. there were cameron in and instead of barring a leadership and saying we are going to improve our position in the
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european union we are going to make this european union work cameron decided it's not up to me to decide but it's up to the people again and again to decide and i will do a referral and so mccall should really poor little ship. and he made a huge crisis which is not finished in britain you need leadership. did. show a lot of leadership yesterday i am not so sure i'm not so sure that people listen to him to the end i don't think so the they were bored quite quickly he showed good competence you show that he was a good technocrat i don't think he showed leadership and if you
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sure leadership you just say and make the people follow you in a policy and he started to. to to say that he was elected on the program that it would reform france because forms as he very costly welfare state that does not bring said his fakes satisfaction to its people is the huge well first aid no satisfaction for the people and the problem is that mccall said that it would reform it but actually it didn't take in the first hundred days all the measures that shewed as have reformed this wealth stayed and finally yesterday told us. that you know he had a promise of reducing. the size of the civil service in france which is. the biggest. the heaviest civil service in the whole europe and
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apparently it was it was all a bit blurred but apparently he will give up this this reform so actually. at the same time he did not reform the system he will be still criticized by by germany for instance because of huge french dificid and at the same time he didn't bring satisfaction to the most poor people of france and. the yellow vest population so i don't think that for the time being he is a really beginning act to or if you think that is beginning an act number two i don't really read the scenario ok a chance to show a white why couldn't a court of introduce the measures that he's introducing now earlier in his term. is
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there any alternative in terms of leadership in france right now to president mccraw and how will his party or marsh fare in in the forthcoming european elections. so to take those three questions one by one the reason why some of these policies wasn't presented before is simply because we've had a great debate recently and it was important to show that this great debate this served some purpose and that it inspired some kind of change of cap in macro leadership although some my fellow panelists seem to think he isn't showing much of that quality so that's why the policies came up now some of them follow through on what he announced in the summer some are a much more specific response to i think frustrations with which macro felt to be fair to him he did take part in his own debates he actually turned up as a sort of surprise guest at some of them and usually did quite well and you know yesterday's exercise of banging on for three hours about various measures is an exercise he's very good at and while it can be quite tedious to watch it on television people who attend usually get quite drawn in and so using the great
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debate he did speired some policies to respond to various frustrations one very key one was sort of simplifying administrative tasks and bringing them all into one place which may be maybe sort of called service france or something ok simplifying access to public service is your second question was on a lot of political town is it a macro for the moment there isn't really one i mean he's decimated the the traditional parties of government and so the alternatives are really extremes which for the moment don't seem ready to win in a two round race and your third question how well we do in the european parliament elections in a month and his list is sort of neck and neck with the far right the far right i believe is ahead this week but it really varies from week to week and that's the big challenge for him as a pro european president i think it's very important for him to come first in the european elections occasion we haven't got to the bottom of this question of what the french want do they want macro or national they want the far right. who will do the french and this is a big question and every president was attempted to reform france and
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met with a bruise or to try is be sort of go through. on soc was it before it was ship before dime that they want to make structural reforms a stronger position it was even the case for my quote earlier all in one it changes . liberalized station and a reform or a way work you had to face. right was used to privatized in a way to a party to competition yet to face huge demonstrations but you know to give it ok and that's it's always been you should undergo just to say do you want to can you governor country with for a hundred sixty five different types of cheese and he'd seen in there of an education when you look at the what comes out of the debate two main things that people of want is they less tax more public services how do you reconcile stewie's
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that is. very very difficult to square that circle and yesterday for example many many measures will displease is right wing supporters especially the fact that he decided not to implement hundred fifty five thousand job cuts into cities has yet to do it because there's a demand for public services maybe it would be redeploying these people etc so. i don't think he has a sense of leadership is very difficult in france to reform this time yes to changes. try to evolve more of the bodies in there just in the making of a decision and some of the decisions he announced yesterday go towards that at first when he said he wanted to work more closely with the unions which early on in his mandate eeg note and yesterday it was very striking to see that the most
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positive reaction to his speech yesterday was that of the reformist union see if anyone. loads of good fakes and we see the do use are not quite reassured by the fact that he won't make seven cuts in public spending. or so proud he wants to define difference or should not or just been under attack from many quarters in europe and within france in the us for years and that is something that we. that we send him a good case and make it chances for his government for his part is this do you buy that action to maybe come ahead of not in a pen because it's true he has no position i don't want conflict of a cigar we could take over the presidency for a final question i'll go off on you for voice in the middle here charles that field in london. charles i need you to be under a minute here if you can guess what time is tight if there were
9:45 am
a general election always and only half way through his term but if there were to be a general election in france tomorrow would he win. well there are different types of elections in france and they're all too round elections so you can't really read them through a british lens or a german one but in a presidential election i think he would win he still has the support of the twenty four percent of voted for him in the first round in twenty seventeen and then assuming he would be up against an extremely candid is of the far right or the far left mr middle of the far left is quite a. quite a strong figure in the opposition on the far left so whether he had he were to face mrs append or mr millet or he beat them not as convincingly as in twenty seventeen but he would so that's not saying that he'll win in twenty twenty two the next election is quite low quite a long way away if you ask me what would happen in the immediate future and he would probably went just many thanks indeed gentlemen there we must end our discussion thank you all for being with us today when i was here out in paris charles this field in london and jack role in san paolo at ever get you can see the
9:46 am
program again at any time just by going to our website at al-jazeera dot com for further discussion join us at our facebook page or facebook dot com forward slash a.j. inside story and you can join the conversation on twitter my handle is at a.j. inside story for me adrian figure the whole team here and thanks for watching i'll see you again live from. i. may on al-jazeera. as the world's biggest democracy goes to the polls we focus on the economic challenges facing india and the rise of ultranationalist
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a new series of you want a winning environmental show which meet some of the people striving to protect the planet twenty five years after coming to power can be a unseen maintain its political dominance in south africa and a massive documentary series chart from lives of two young faces and rule kenya and up in brazil of a deaf us trying to give and with breakfast still looming and populism on the rinds across europe will these elections become a referendum on the new self may on al-jazeera. one of the richest philanthropists in the world renowned financing endeavors to eradicate some of the was diseases bill gates talks to al-jazeera about his foundation's goals and on says those who are critical of his wife. on al-jazeera. overthrow and exiled their point and can say sure all cult dismiss
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me she knew an intimate film about the struggle of the elected leader of madagascar to return to his country and reinstate his presidency he knows that the truth was forged by and you. know today i think it is. interesting today's return of the president on al-jazeera. you. know how the top stories on a zero a stash of explosives and other bomb making equipment been found off the raids at a shootout in eastern sri lanka the gunfight erupted as police hunted for those behind the easter sunday bombings that killed more than two hundred fifty people raids were carried out around the eastern city of kalman a curfew has now been imposed in may now for nand as is in the capital colombo.
9:49 am
security authorities basically having a read conducted in signed a mother to do in calmly in the eastern flank about three hundred fifty kilometers from the capital colombo where there was an explosion when they came upon a certain group they were closing in on there was a gun battle that ensured where hearing from the police spokespersons office that this explosion and shootout didn't sue for a certain amount of time and then just about thirty kilometers from in just before this there has also been detection house which had had a number of things including a uniform very similar to that worn by the alleged suicide bombers that released a video claiming responsibility for the easter sunday attacks also a banner with the eyes of flag that was displayed in the background of that
9:50 am
particular video over one hundred fifty sticks of gelug ninety explosives more than one hundred thousand metal ball bearings notoriously used in suicide kit so all of these things coming together and reflecting that the authorities are closing in on these assailants that are on the run now earlier today we had several people talking on the latest the head of the catholic church here in sri lanka but also we heard from president might of policy center of several foreign ministers from sudan's ousted ruling party have been released from prison they were arrested in the wake of the fall of ahmed rashid's government loses likely to add to the anger of protesters rallying outside army headquarters in whole to. the interior minister of libya's u.n. recognized government says his forces will launch an offensive against warlords leave for half dollar within days tripoli has been the target of course fighters
9:51 am
for more than two weeks now friday the u.n. said rockets and mortar shells hit residential neighborhoods in the capital. now dearie a thousands of demonstrators were back on the streets for the tenth friday in a row they want all those associated with the old regime of president abdelaziz bouteflika to go he was i and earlier this month after pressure from the military some talking up what we did all of them will be gone and they will be judged and the money of the properties will all go back to the people that's what we're looking for we don't want them just to lead we want to be judged so that's what we want to learn there are further developments this corrupt system is playing a dangerous game my dear brothers algerian people we must remain united i swear to god if we separate because of risk as i'm originalism i swear the system will not only last for years but it will last for centuries we will go back to marginalization this corruption and the abuse of power the un is warning the mozambique is in danger of widespread flooding as hurricane force winds give way to
9:52 am
to wrench all rain cyclon kenneth packed category four winds but they are slowing now tens of thousands of homes were evacuated along the indian ocean coastline a u.s. court has jailed a russian agent for eighteen months for conspiring to infiltrate the national rifle association prosecutors say the thirty year old marine a beauty and i attempted to influence american conservatives and sway the government's policies to favor moscow she'll be deported to russia after completing her sentence. the united states has ramped up its pressure on venezuela by imposing sanctions on the country's top diplomat foreign minister jorge early hours or was targeted as well as a venezuelan judge the u.s. treasury department says all of areas as american assets will be blocked venezuelan opposition politician has been arrested in caracas for violating parliamentary immunity. those are the headlines so we're back here after twenty eight up south at
9:53 am
. the dunes verse for sunday the most special moment is when she was given over to me . and couldn't hold myself i cried. she's crying. i couldn't. catch. and of course is this office keys because in the church the master did not say you make the bride
9:54 am
and he did miss it. he even seen the military just know that there was charities so we had to respect it and then they go to the park testing me doing ok i'm. the first phone call with you when she was seven. she was one of a group of children from all over south africa. it was nine hundred ninety two and they had very little in common black white rich and poor some lived in townships some in white suburbs officially segregated by a potted. it was only two years since mandela's release from prison and the racist policies of the past were just beginning to crumble. since then we have followed their lives filming them every seven yes.
9:55 am
in one thousand nine hundred. not some mundell i became their president and as they grew up every south african was made equal by little regardless of color. now they are twenty eight we hear from them again. when she was seven oh wait who was very proud of her baby brother. i. knew that it can about how we can beat. all. new to me i'm gonna classic and now we know much. who. we know. doesn't. always
9:56 am
a chance guy and be down. at twenty eight she has two children of her own. i plucked off reed to paint i want our maid house packed and in. the house told you how many pages are seven pages already you tell me you can't read that fast moonie. how in two thousand and seven i gave birth to my first daughter who me she was the joy of my life for the first time i had this one person that i thought ok i have this chance to make it right with you. and of course later on in two thousand and twelve i gave birth to my second daughter talk. all i think she looks like me i think she is like me me me me me the character everything and
9:57 am
pranced is the second born i'm also a second one and i love them both but throughout the eight years of thing mary. being a stay at home mom and i feel like i wanted to something for myself and something that i love something that i know that's will bring out only to. talk to major town in the eastern cape. which it has always craved city life. one to one to yes my cheek one to one to one to and to ok at fourteen she was taking an active part in the world around her oh yeah oh yeah with a new generation you're begging to be free so we're kind to be and know places that don't go places the by point a face in a global space want to edit. even we have a lot of bush in. a twenty eight she's moved to
9:58 am
a rural area but has found her voice there too good afternoon and welcome in t.c. our air and one thousand eight points to a fan there is only to fill the arrow six and of course i'm not alone i've got my two beautiful people their crew that makes this show perfect or miss kate movie or hi guys oh oh oh oh oh you were. right as always. before we go to the lineup of the day let's tell about by the us my medical bills for now and i. have made up a face book i suggest that you get your pen and paper talking big issues today but . as that was my. hope you enjoy the. bad guy for making it. they like to play with fire.
9:59 am
the remote community where she lives now is very poor and all we're to see is plenty of room for improvement. that. it's five years since she moved here with her husband really. great is my has been hometown he was born here he was raised here i love it for that effect my children always the from here it's a rural area it's got so much potential anything you do people go for it because there's nothing going on. she and relieved to have recently started up a media college in town. college and x. media media companies here and here in france is the main diet of survey smee. media get this.
10:00 am
is god not in thailand. and. it was easy. going to be. is awesome their legs are main man this is his face. that's shop and this is part of suffix media this here we are setting up our internet cafe it's still under way and we are hoping that in the next three months or so it could be putting more computers more computers it really will be running in there will be a bit of positing around here my favorite car loan says my dream car my dream car is citation ten you know. is the jet that's my dream transport. but this is one of the cars that love.


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